Corsair DDR3L 8GB 1600MHz Laptop Memory Module





  • High-performance memory for your laptop if you’re a serious road warrior or you use your notebook for heavy-duty applications like photo and video editing.
  • Laptop memory upgrade will allow you to multitask between more programs at once and load and edit larger files without having to wait for data to buffer to the drive.
  • 1.35V for better operation with the latest systems, laptop and notebook systems based on 4th generation intel core processors.

Stable, Reliable, Compatible

ValueSelect memory is tested to Corsair’s tough standards and is stable, reliable, and compatible with virtually all major notebook and netbook PCs. They are carefully screened by Corsair for reliable operation.

Advanced technology for unparalleled performance

Corsair memory performance goes beyond highly screened memory ICs and advanced industrial designs. They are bundled with patented DHX cooling technology for super-efficient heat dissipation.


Additional information

Memory Module SO-DIMM
Part Number CMSO8GX3M1C1600C11
Size 8 GB
Interface DDR3L
Suitable for Laptops
Voltage DDR3L STD 1.35V
Memory Pin 204 Pin
Speed 1600 MHz
Weight 100 g
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty From the Brand
Package Contents Corsair DDR3L 8GB 1600MHz Laptop Memory Module


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